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Honorary Doctorate Awards

Introducing an exclusive preview of the distinguished awardees of the Honorary Awards bestowed by Chicago Open University, Asia Pacific Region. We eagerly look forward to the forthcoming convocation.

Homorary Doctorate Awards chicago open university

Dr. BP Singh – Doctorate in Law,

Congratulations to former supreme court judge Dr. Bisheshwar Prasad Singh on being awarded the Honorary Doctorate Award in Law from Chicago Open University. He started his career as a lawyer in October 1963, he diligently handled a wide range of cases in the Supreme Court of India, spanning civil, criminal, and constitutional matters. His judicial journey continued with appointments as an additional judge at the Patna High Court in March 1987 and later a transfer to the Karnataka High Court in 1990. Returning to the Patna High Court in 1991, he ascended to the position of Chief Justice of Bombay High Court on March 31, 2000. Finally, on December 14, 2001, he was elevated to the esteemed role of Supreme Court Judge, where he served with distinction until his retirement on July 8, 2007.
Dr B P Singh is currently The President of The Environmental and Consumer Protection Foundation, New Delhi 110 049.
We are proud to bestow upon him this well-deserved recognition for his exemplary service and dedication to the legal profession.

Homorary Doctorate Awards chicago open university

Dr. Jaikumar Shivraj Digole – Doctorate in Social Work

Congratulations to Advocate Jaikumar Shivraj Digole on being awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Social Work from Chicago Open University. Presently, he serves as an advocate/lawyer in high court and lower courts, bringing substantial expertise in corporate, labor, industrial, civil services, civil, criminal, family law, business law, special laws, dispute resolution, and arbitration. Known for his adeptness in grasping new ideas and developing innovative solutions, he thrives under pressure, demonstrating strong motivation and effectiveness, even in tight deadlines. With 18 years of active engagement in social work, he currently contributes to ALINOBULICON, successfully overseeing numerous civil projects in cities like Karanjade, Rasayani, Pune, and Navi Mumbai.

Homorary Doctorate Awards chicago open university

Dr. Kailash Chaudhary – Doctorate in Project Management

Congratulations to Mr. Kailash Chaudhary on receiving the Honorary Doctorate award in Project Management from Chicago Open University. With a remarkable career spanning the military and corporate sectors, Mr. Chaudhary has demonstrated exemplary leadership and expertise in project management. His extensive experience, including 26 years with the Indian Air Force and his current role as a Senior General Manager, reflects his commitment to excellence in overseeing multifaceted projects. Additionally, his certifications from esteemed institutions like the Project Management Institute, USA, and specialized training from McKinsey’s Asian Leadership program underscore his dedication to global standards in project management.

Mr. Chaudhary’s influence extends beyond his corporate role, as he provides valuable consultancy services to diverse industries, including coaching Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) on Lean Manufacturing and Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) practices. Moreover, his contributions to the academic realm, serving on advisory boards of educational institutes, highlight his commitment to shaping the future of aspiring professionals in project management. Through his rich tapestry of experiences, certifications, and leadership roles, Mr. Chaudhary continues to be a driving force in the realms of project management and organizational transformation, deserving of this prestigious¬†recognition.

Honorary Doctorate Awards chicago open university

Dr Rakesh Agarwal – Social Service and Environment,

Congratulates to Dr Rakesh Agarwal on being awarded the Honorary Doctorate Award in Social Service and Environment from Chicago Open University

In the realm of climate change and sustainability, Dr Rakesh Agarwal shines as a beacon of visionary leadership, advocating for a greener, more sustainable world. His dedication to environmental conservation and empowerment knows no bounds, evident in his pivotal role as the Executive Chairman of the Environmental & Consumer Protection Foundation (ECPFO) and as the President-Advisory Board (ESG & Decarbonisation) at MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India.

Dr Agarwal’s impactful initiatives span from massive tree plantation drives, adorned our landscapes with over a million trees, to spearheading urban water management projects that safeguard our precious water bodies. Recognized globally for his profound contributions, he has addressed prestigious conferences and seminars on crucial environmental issues, earning accolades such as the ‘Hindustan Gaurav Samman National Award’ and being hailed as a ‘SWATCH Champion’ by the Commissioner of Nagar Nigam, Ghaziabad.

Beyond borders, Dr Agarwal’s advocacy extends to fostering partnerships with esteemed Universities and Institutions to transform educational campuses into zero-waste heaven. Notable collaborations include Amity University, Galgotia, KR Mangalam, G D Goenka to name a few, setting new benchmarks in environmental leadership and sustainability education.

His dynamic vision envisions a world where sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand, inspiring individuals to become empowered guardians of our planet.

Join Dr Rakesh Agarwal on this empowering journey towards a sustainable tomorrow, where every action contributes to nurturing and preserving our planet for generations to come.

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